10 Reasons to Visit the Twin Cities

1. It’s the capital of the North

We have a culture distinct from much of the rest of the Midwest, which is why the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota are increasingly branded as “North” rather than “Midwest.” Come find out why.

2. We’re the most bike-friendly metropolitan area in the country

And you don’t have to take our word for it. We have the awards to prove it.

3. We have great “cities within the city”

Shopping on Grand Avenue, dining in Cathedral Hill, exploring the lakes in Uptown, hitting up a brewery in Northeast—the Twin Cities is home to innumerable micro-locations featuring unique culture. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got a neighborhood to suit your interests.


W.A. Frost & Company

4. We have one of the world’s best park systems

Eat your heart out, Central Park. The Twin Cities is unsurpassed when it comes to green space. On a nice day (even a not-so-nice day), people come out in droves for fresh air and recreation.

5. …but we also have plenty of things to do indoors

Mall of America, anyone?

6. The people really are nice

It’s not just a stereotype. We earned that reputation.

7. We have a vibrant food and drink scene

The Twin Cities are bursting with craft breweries and distilleries, and it’s also a foodie haven. Whether you want to hit up a food truck, a gourmet paradise, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered.


The Commodore Bar & Restaurant

8. The weather is never boring

It’s not your imagination: The weather really is crazy around here, thanks in a large part due to the Alberta Clipper—a weather pattern that swoops down from Canada. We’re known for our winters, but we have four very distinct seasons—hot summers, refreshing springs, and gorgeous, leaf-filled autumns.

9. And we have a cool skyway system

A little nervous about icy sidewalks? Don’t worry: both Minneapolis and Saint Paul have skyways that will take you further than you could imagine without ever having to set foot outside.

10. Lots of easy day/weekend trips

It’s improbable that you’ll run out of things to do in the Twin Cities, but just in case you’re looking to mix it up, the Twin Cities are a phenomenal jumping off point for lots of other trips. Explore the mouth of the Mississippi, go hiking or camping, or visit a lodge resort for a restorative, quick getaway.

Need more reasons to visit—or recommendations once you’re here? Ask the Hotel 340 staff. We’re local experts!

Edward Rupp