A Peak at our Sister Property: The Saint Paul Athletic Club

Guests of the Hotel 340 are in for quite a treat—and quite a surprise, if they haven’t visited the property before.

While most people associate the word “hotel” with a cookie cutter monstrosity contributing to urban sprawl somewhere, Hotel 340 is part of one of Saint Paul’s most iconic properties—right in the heart of downtown.

Main cardio level of the Saint Paul Athletic Club

Hotel 340 occupies the upper floors of 340 Cedar Street, a building that also includes the famed Saint Paul Athletic Club. 340 Cedar Street is a landmark building of truly historic proportions. When it was under construction in the mid 1910s, there wasn’t a finer building in the works for 1,000 miles. When it came time to demolishing the previous building on the site, President Wilson himself pushed a button in the White House to release the wrecking ball.

If the Saint Paul Athletic Club building were constructed today, some estimates put the cost at $75 million in today’s dollars. Clearly, no expense was spared—and it shows. This breathtaking space features a soaring, two-story lobby, ornate millwork, a sweeping marble staircase, a full, English-style pub, and much more.

After construction, the Club thrived for many years as a fine example of the exclusive social, athletic, and recreational clubs favored throughout the United States and Europe. By the late 1980s, however, the club abruptly went bankrupt and fell into disrepair. The building was scheduled for demolition and was rescued with just an hour to spare. By the time the current owners took over, the space was still standing but had fallen into disrepair. After extensive and meticulous renovations, the Saint Paul Athletic Club reopened in 2013. Now, guests of Hotel 340 have complimentary access to the 68,000-square foot athletic and wellness facility.

How’s that for a “hotel gym”?

Edward Rupp