Hotel 340: Trendy Saint Paul Breweries

The craft beer scene has never been hotter, and Saint Paul has become one of the most destination-worthy spots for checking out breweries. It’s no surprise that Saint Paul is leading the way—after all, we’re home to Summit Brewing, the brewery that (by many accounts) launched the whole microbrewery trend.

Summit is a must-see if you’re a beer tourist, but there are plenty of other up-and-comers worth your time. A few ideas:


1. Tin Whiskers Brewing Company — Downtown Saint Paul

  • Beer to try: Dynamo Orange Chocolate Imperial Stout


2. Flat Earth Brewing — Dayton’s Bluff/Payne-Phalen

  • Beer to try: Cygnus X-1 Porter


3. Wabasha Brewing Company — West Side

  • Beer to try: Son of Eric Cream Ale


4. Urban Growler — St. Anthony Park

  • Beer to try: City Day Ale


5. Bad Weather Brewing Company — West 7th

  • Beer to try: Scarecrow’s Friend


This is just a snapshot of the amazing breweries in St. Paul—not to mention all those in the greater Twin Cities metro area. Need recommendations? The Hotel 340 staff would be happy to weigh in.



Edward Rupp