Best Running Trails Near Downtown Saint Paul

One of the best things about the Twin Cities is our unparalleled ability to blend urban functionality with the outdoors. We’re constantly landing on lists of the most walkable and bikeable cities in the country.

Downtown St. Paul is near several great running trails. Whether you’re working downtown and looking to shake up your routine with a lunch break run, or you’re visiting us from outside the area and want to squeeze in a run from your hotel, we’ve got you covered. Outdoor runs are a great way to explore the city and work up a sweat.

Here are a few places to consider:

Bruce Vento Trail

The Bruce Vento Trail is a rail trail that extends 7 miles from just north of interstate 694 to approximately the intersection of 7th St. and Payne Avenues. Catch up with the trail at any point and do an out-and-back, or turn it into a tour of downtown’s Lowertown neighborhood with a loop that could include a swing by CHS field, Swede Hollow Park, the old Hamm’s Brewery Facility, Eastside Heritage Park, and more.

Gateway State Trail

Looking for a longer haul? The popular Gateway State Trail extends more than 18 miles, from Cayuga Park in St. Paul to Pine Point Regional Park near Stillwater. The asphalt covering makes it suitable for biking, too.

Samuel H. Morgan Regional Trial

This 9.3-mile trail starts at Shepherd Road and Crosby Farm and extends to Battle Creek Regional Park, and features stunning views of the Mississippi River as well as the downtown skyline and the High Bridge. It’s a combination of asphalt and concrete.

Mississippi River/Harriet Island

While not confined to a specific trail, perhaps one of the easiest options from downtown St. Paul is simply to head for the river. You can wind through Irvine Park, cross to Harriet Island, or simply work your way up one side of the river and down the other, using bridges to make loops depending on your desired distance.

Looking for more specific recommendations based on location, distance, or landmarks? The staff at Hotel 340 are always happy to help. Especially if you log a few miles for us!

Edward Rupp