A Peak at our Sister Property: The University Club of Saint Paul

Summit Avenue is full of incredible, historic properties. Each has its own story. Many inspire oohs and aahs from passersby, perhaps none moreso than the grand Tudor estate perched high on top of Ramsey hill.

It’s the University Club of Saint Paul, and it has been a neighborhood institution for more than a century. The building was designed by Reed and Stern, who also designed New York City’s famed Grand Central Station.

If these walls could talk, they’d tell stories of hosting a who’s who list of Twin Citians and distinguished visitors over the generations. There have been grand galas and intimate dinners. Exclusive black tie affairs and lazy days spent poolside with the kids. Gourmet meals. Banquets. More than a few cocktails. Countless cups of coffee enjoyed fireside. Innumerable nights spent taking in the sweeping views of the Mississippi River Valley from the terrace.

When the University Club opened its doors in 1913, it was part of an elite group of social, recreational, and athletic clubs that dotted major cities throughout the United States and Europe. The University Club catered its membership to graduates of accredited colleges and universities, inviting a convivial (if occasionally rivalry-prone) member community. Local legends, including F. Scott Fitzgerald, spent time at the Club.

The Club’s pool was added in the 1930s, and after World War II, the Club became one of the earliest clubs of its style to open membership to women.

Over the years, many similar clubs have gone the way of the ascot and the top hat, but the University Club endures. Today, the Club welcomes members of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs and points of view. The years have changed, the membership has changed, but the club’s strong sense of community remains true to the original vision.

The University Club is one of Hotel 340’s extraordinary group of sister properties. For more information on the University Club or any of the other Commonwealth Properties, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Edward Rupp